Sunday, December 11, 2005

Vote for Xiaxue! Now! Only 5 days left! - Don't support MrBrown! Why? Read!

Vote for Xiaxue's nice and entertaining weblog, HERE.

Why? Read!

It's unbelievable what's going on during the Asian Weblog Awards 2005. MrBrown started few days ago a mud battle against Xiaxue. Read here what's happened! I find Xiaxue does't deserve such attack. She made a good work and entertainment for a lot of readers (above 20.000 a day!) since start her blog in 2003. It's funny, check it out!

If you agree with me then hurry and vote once each day, OK? Only 5 days left!

Thank you!

Both blogs are in the Top100 of technorati.

Don't forget, only 5 days left!


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